The story of Innovation

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. 💡

This is how we usually describe inventions or innovations. It may seem from such a statement that Edison simply woke up one day and invented the light bulb. Of course, it took many iterations and Edison was actually building on the work of previous innovators as well.

The Lean Startup

Innovation requires plenty of iterations (or 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration as Edison put it) and these iterations are what we can call a loop. You can learn more about iterative loops by its earliest reference in Eric Ries’s book “The Lean Startup”

In today’s world, innovators need to adopt the customer development process, to be successful at “making things that people want”. This actually made sense and we have always loved the lean startup loop.



While the lean startup loop is not incorrect, it somehow skips the part of reaching out to users.

For a venture to be successful, we need to involve the users in the process and in this loop as well.

We also need to learn from others and not just from the data we see.

So we came up with this.




Now this is the exact process of how we innovate on a new product or startup. Once we had clarity on the structure of the innovation loop, it was easy to start thinking of the features for an innovation stack which could help you innovate faster.

The innovation stack is a solution with three key products for each step of the innovation loop.

xG helps you to build powerful solutions, FIFO helps you to stay updated on new innovation and GLUE helps you to share with your community.

It is modular, so you as can use the features you need, but everything also fits in well together, so you can have compounding benefits.

our products
Innovation stack

“The Innovation Stack” is actually also a book by one of the world’s top innovators Jim McKelvey.It is a must read book about how to build an unbeatable business you need to create a unique innovation stack for your business

The trio of xG, FIFO and GLUE will enable you to stay focused on what you do best, i.e. INNOVATE !